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Re: Is Studying Martial Arts A Waste Of Time?

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Coming from a more tradional base (shaolin chusn fa Tsai family system) although had a compition element and a self-defense element there are good things to be learned provided the intsructor knows what he is doing ,there was iron palm training(like stds body conditioning) and yes we hit things ,makarwas,sheilds heavy bags what not ,and took pride in whipping karate guys in those days who thought kung fu guys can’t fight or hit hard ,they found out we hit harder with penetration shots ,the thing is tradional arts may have other bagage that to some may be a waste of time ,example forms are full of combat techniques however extracting from them takes time and is you are looking for quick skills maybe not the approach however I petsonalt don’t think everything is a waste such as telegraph and none telegraph which not that I am sticking up for point sparing it does teach you how to hit first ,most professional fighters don’t even understand telegraph and none telegraph except for maybe Roy Jones Jr back in the day ,most thugs have no idea so if you can hit first without detection and hit hard most of the time the fight is over our school were hard hitters and got disqualified many times at tournaments as well as dominated ,that being said all this requires time and if you got the time train in it ad long as you are meeting your goals ,combatves are for those with only one objective self defense and quick skill ,great for people with busy lives ,like Damion has said many time martial arts is a life style ,also don’t denounce traditional training as I am yet to see a combatives program that doesn’t borrow a technique from them ,when the ufc first came out a guy from my area named kieth hackney who studied a shaolin based sytem(white tiger kempo) dropped a sumo guy with a shock palm (i believe this is in the sdts syllabus) that is a tradional tech and even Royce Gracie who beat him took some shots from him and admitted he hit hard,so in essence comvstives owe everything to tradtion but mondern time somtime require fast track and that’s in my opinion is wear combatives come in ,again assess your goals and time to train .