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Re: “It doesn’t matter… it can”t” – [Damian Ross]

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[James Goolsby] Very well said my man. I completely agree with all your points. I’ve been in shtf situations before and kinda know how I react… It’s a tense sensation and I personally feel extremely confident with the techniques from mod one and two. There honestly convulsive at this point in training, my dog catches some edge of hands when I’m playing with him (not hard of course) and it’s just out of habit. And it also made me realize that this, to me, is not a blocking system. Like some martial arts. This is more of a strike and destroy system. The edge of hand can be used as a block and a strike at the same time, to plow thru the assailant.
Yes, martial arts have their place for personal development and growth. I have nothing against them. Without them and some digging by Damian and others we wouldn’t have the SDTS Laugh