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Re: It’s the Same Stuff!!!!

James Goolsby

@Archie said:
The basics are in every mod, just like fitness sometimes the basics are best.

Exactly, [Archie]. It’s like Damian points out in Mod 7 about all those old exercises our coaches were giving us that we thought were just to keep us busy; turns out they were some of best things we can do to get in “practical” shape without using equipment. Who knew? Laugh

Seriously, though, I am more and more impressed with SDTS with each Mod. D.R. has really put together an intelligent, comprehensive, and above all, effective, system that I would not be afraid to put up against any “black belt”. Hell, I’ve got a guy in my department who is a fourth degree BB in Hapkido and the department’s former Defensive Tactics instructor (guess who is the department DT Instructor now? Go on… guess Smile) Anyway, after seeing me in action a couple of times, even he has walked away from his “art” and is now asking me to show him the SDTS way! Better late than never, eh?

I am beyond certain that I will never use anything else again.