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Re: It’s the Same Stuff!!!!



I remember getting an email from someone actually criticizing the SDTS because it was the SAME, REPETITIVE techniques over and over again.

My response was “Yes, thanks for noticing.”

If you build a house you have a primary set of tools. It doesn’t matter what style of house. You still need to cut, hammer, screw, level -etc. Same goes for self defense.

I don’t completely different “car jacking” defense. I just apply what I know to that situation. (You’re going to do it ANYWAY).

We have a tendency to associate complicated with better and in reality the opposite is true. If you look at every high level of sport you see BASICS are what works the most. The winner is the one who does it first.

This is why the SDTS works. To sit there and create specific responses to each and every situation is literally impossible. To expect you to execute more complicated and intricate techniques when you’re going to be EVEN MORE scared is ridiculous.

That’s what always confused me about the martial arts. If we use simple techniques in sparring, a relatively LOW stress situation when compared to someone sticking a knife in your throat.

How on earth are you going to perform the twisty gun disarm when someone out of nowhere sticks a gun in your face?

There is only one real, proven solution and this is it.