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Re: It’s the Same Stuff!!!!


On Basics: In my past line of service I was a part of the PTAE unit training troops for deployment at FT Stewart. I always told the troops that if they stay with the basics they would always come home, or have a much better chance of coming home. Long story short I was in the food store on night and a guy walks up to me, looked familiar and said SSG how are you doing? shook my hand, and said you told us to stay with the basics, and that is what got our unit through some heavy crap. Great feeling, and I am happy to see many of those guys and gals come home.

In all my years studying and teaching Choy Li Fut Kung Fu I thought it was the best, but realized that when it hits only the very basics work, and you go with what you know and can use. Damian took what he learned from the greats in Close Combat and from his experience and created a system to teach these things so that all can do it, and it is all basics, all the same stuff, we the students train hard and train honestly and we make it our own, using what works, making it a part of ourselves, and this is the beauty of this system. Truth be told years back when I first looked at this. I said this can’t work. I thought all this close combat stuff was silly and well CP did not help with that much, but after opening my mind, taking the plunge, and really working with it, well I am not using anything else. Sure I will stay in Krav class, to work out more, and have others to train with until I find a good training partner, plus I like the guys there so no loss. But in my mind this is the best system out there, always will be, and well we had a saying, think long think wrong and you do not have to think with this system.

Again Thanks Damian, old dogs can learn new tricks, and well I have gained so much fro this system, best money I ever spent.