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He was awefully critical and rude. I wonder why he did not see fit to enlighten you on what works in his opnion? Wonder why he didnt have the decency to start a humane discourse with you?

it is easy to be critical. It is hard to stand behind your beliefs and let it all hang out. One takes courage and one doesnt.

I mean he essentially said…hey Damian what ya gonna do once ur ass is kicked? And you answered correctly…um..have my ass kicked. Amd to stay the majority of criminals are walking around with cups on is kinda silly. There are prolly unique situations where a criminal maybe wearing a cup. I mean if he is right I would expect most criminals to be wearing a bullet proof jacket. There number one threat is another criminal with a gun and then the police and then the average citizen. Least by my reasoning. whne ya put it in the scope a nut kick is the least of his worries.

I mean it ok to disagree with ya but he could at least start a discourse and share his opnion.