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Re: kicks (?)


Well, there’s ” Hoch ” Hochiem. I think he’s still doing things. He’s similar to Kelly McCann although he leans heavily to Asian martial arts. I think he does quite a bit of law enforcement training. He has some interesting ideas about edged weapon ground fighting. I’ve never seen any of it. You’re right, though. TKD is bullshit and JKD is, while better than most combat sports, it’s still in my mind a sport. Most systems loose it in three ways. Too technical to be effective in a life or death fight due to the survival stress response, unrealistic training and just too damn complicated. When I was hard after Aiki-Jujutsu, and I still train in it much the same as Damian in Judo, I had discovered Carl Cestari. I read his articles on gutterfighting and started to apply them in my training. The difference amazed me.

In Oikiru Ryu we would strike once or twice and then go into some kind of throw, takedown or armbar. We spent a lot of time on the ground but the throws and joint manipulations were much like Aikido. We spared full contact and I can tell you it’s a hell of a lot easier the put someone on the ground after hitting them 5 or 6 times than it is 1 or 2. I do have quite a bit of Aiki influence on how I enter but you are correct. In my mind Defendu is king. I do still train with the Japanese short staff ( Jo ) and the sword. They’re fun to work with. The Tanto also. I work with each maybe once a month or a little less.

Most of the other people training out there are sports disguised as self defense. Damian is the only guy doing anything with Defendu, at least in the U.S. There’s an organization in the U.K.

I rambled on too damn much. Time to hit the rack. Good night. Semper Fi.