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Re: kicks (?)


Kicks are overrated.

Other than in an opening gambit (kicking someone from a distance before you follow with your hands) and finishing them on the ground (bronco kick and stomp style or kneeing an injured enemy when he’s bent over), there is nothing else your instincts will let you do.

The reason is simple: when you’re in the heat of the battle you will do all you can to keep your balance while you’re taking ground, grappling, chasing the guy, running away, keeping your footing on the terrain. In order to kick your base foot (the one one the ground) must remain stable.

That’s why the stomping driving footwork in the SDTS is what it is. When you’re in close, smashing and instep or kneeing a thigh all adds to unbalancing the enemy so you can do worse with your upper body.

Kicks are not cornerstone methods of attack. They are best used when you have knocked that SOB to the ground. Then give ’em the old “Good Fellas” treatment.

The SDTS gives you the tactics and a variety of core technique, through training you decide what works best for you. Don’t expect to have to master every technique, just a handful is really all you need. The reason there are a variety is because as a system, it’s designed to teach everybody.

Even in Judo and wrestling there are thousands of techniques yet only about 5 is all you will ever need.