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Re: knee kicks


Hi smeak45

Since we are not chambering our kicks in this approach (and we should not be anyway in this arena) another tip that may help you out with the side-kick is to practice the pivot step.

And do not aim the kick as you swing/pivot just let it make contact. Since our objective should be to drop the skel ASAP you don’t need to return the leg at all, just drop it where it connects. Even though we are in the lateral position at this point your next attack technique will bring you out of that immediately.

[b:195ek5eb]If you watch Mr Ross in mod 2 in essence this is what he is doing with the back-leg version that he shows us.
As Mr Ross said – don’t worry be happy and just keep workin it – the low side kick (as you will see soon) is one H@## of a technique for the street or professional work (where applicable)