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WELL- I am new to the forum but not so much combatives and CERTAINLY not Krav Maga. I did take it for the basic 7 months
and know just about all one needs to about the system..

Yeah, I do agree with Damian about Darren’s demonstration and about the handwraps (yes, they are nice) and oh yeah…K.M. DOES address street-combat-life-or-death situations as though they are training for a UFC match sometimes. All in all; NOT something I wanted to stick with
for a long period for real self-defense.

BUT…BUT! I still say that Krav Maga DOES have some good stuff to it. I’d be lying if I said that I thought otherwise. I mean that what they teach is still above and beyond what say–the Wing Chun school one block from the K.M. center I went to in L.A. is teaching as far as real self-defense.

I mean hey, a simple stepping in with a simple shot to the throat is a better answer for a small woman to have then say, a joint-lock when she is being manhan dled by a bigger, stronger male. In fact, a few things K.M. teaches for situations like that are pretty effective. I just would NOT want to ONLY rely on that if I had to defend my life. And don’t forget now, there are quite a FEW stories I could tell you about my training with these folks and they negative things they had to say about techniques I KNEW to be VERY EFFECTIVE (My God..ONE INSTRUCTOR NAY SAYED THE CHIN -JAB!! Kid you not!!!!!). I guess I still go with what my Granpa always said “a busted clock is right 2 times a day…” :D