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I’ve been attending Krav Maga classes for six months or so. I do not claim to be an expert. I know we train hard, with a non-stop never surrender attitude. Why is Darrine wearing hand-wraps? The only reason I can think of is because the instructors are concerned about safety and we do a lot of punching, hammerfists, elbows, knees, kicks, etc. I personally never wear hand-wraps during Krav training. Most of the students also do not either. The center where I go also offers boxing classes. This class is usually after the Krav class. The students for this class wrap their hands. Most of the techniques I’ve learned in Krav I consider useful. However one technique (Level -1) technique I consider pretty useless is defending against a front choke. Maybe I’m wrong but I seriously doubt anyone is ever going to choke me from the front as an initial move. Maybe an abusive husband to his wife or girlfriend. I just do not see this realistcally happening to me in real life. There are a couple of Krav books that you can pick up at Amazon. One is a Beginner’s Krav (which is the better book). The preface explains what Krav is about and how students are trained. Also they have photo slides of the different self-defense techniques. My own opinion is to study what works. I haven’t purchased any modules yet but reading the Module outlines and watching the free videos the Self Defense modules look like they are worth owning. Paul Vunak does some pretty useful attacks also. Check out this video –

I think this is a cool marketing video. I think it would be cool if the Self Defense Company could put something together like this.

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