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Thanks Dave for your input. Yes, it’s important to train w/o protection. You’re right on target. You must condition your body, hands to operate in that manner.

the problem that exists is lies in specific defensive tactics. I can only comment on personal experience. From what I have seen from students and people who practice Krav Maga is that is is defense specific. Separate, specific defenses for separate and specific situations. Different and separate defenses cause confusion under stress. The greatest results we have seen are when simple, high percentage technique that require minimum time to learn are applied to a wide variety of situation. This will allow you to be able to adapt instantly to any situation.

The other issue is the use of sporting techniques. Low round house kicks to the the legs are meant to wear down an opponent over the course of a few rounds in a sporting competition. They also leave you off balance and open to be taken to the ground.

The following is SPECULATION from my years of teaching. Hand wraps also limit the complaints students have when they strike with a bare hands. It hurts. When you strike an elbow, skull or any of the many bony and hard parts of the body there will be some pain. This is why in the beginning and for MOST people, the edge of hand (heel pf hand, hammer fist) and the heel of hand (tiger claw and chin jab) work best. They can be conditioned extremely fast and have the least risk of injury.

BTW, COOL video. We do have some stuff (check out angelajudochop channel on youtube)

Now I will say that videos for youtube are sometimes made to get hits NOT for actual applications. Punching the head w/out conditioning causes damage to you. Its not that you can’t punch someone in the head and walk away uninjured (I can attest to that personally) but as a system, trained in the shortest amount of time possible, they should be avoided until propper conditioning has been performed (module 6 SDTS). The twisty wrist techniques are actually superfluous and too complicated for combat applications, just ask anyone who has been in those situations.

At the end of the day if you’re happy and confident with your training, that’s excellent. If it trains you to MAKE A DECISION and react aggressively, FANTASTIC. Finally if you enjoy the people you are with, all the better.

Thanks for posting and welcome aboard.