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Re: Law Enforcement Agencies



Welcome aboard. The first issue we are working to overcome is the use of force issue. LEOs have been hamstrucng with what they can do in the field. Unfortunately training is driven by public perception and liabilty.

People who create and specify close quarters fighting programs at the administrative level do it from the public perception and liabilty perspective.

Most of these methods (if not all) have gone the way of the choke hold. But that doesn’t stop us…

Mike Archangel is working through our Professional Instructors to develop strategic alliances with certain government agencies. We feel that if presented correctly, government agencies would be more receptive to what we teach.

That being said, there must also be re-training and qualification on the primary methods. If the officer or agent is trained consistently and pratically, there will be less issues in the eild as to when and how to apply force.

At present there are memeber of the US military, Local Municipalities and Private contractors who are employing these methods on a grassroots level.