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Hey Damian,

This website is really interesting…

I caught your ad banner on and had a brief look, but I had to go out soon after. But from that brief look I was captured by the more combat-effective approach you displayed; as opposed to learning fancy martial arts.

I’ve returned and have been up all night reading everything on the site, watching the videos, listened to the radio shows, now reading this forum, and I really want to get into this program and be able to take control of dangerous situations.

I appreciate the honesty you have displayed — like in this article — regarding the gravity of a physical fight. They are extremely dangerous and when the fists start flying — or whatever — someone could end up dying, and I don’t want that casualty to be me or anyone I care about.

It could be a push or single punch, slip, crack ya head … dead. Like you said. Australian cricketer David Hooks suffered that fate.

Because of such dangers and life-ruining consequences, I have always avoided fights. I don’t want to suffer at the hands of another; nor do I want their blood on my hands. But you can’t always so ‘no’ to dogs, and you can’t call time-out, or pause, or quit like it’s a game, or call ‘truce’ because you’re tired, if you do get into a fight.

And yeah, simply knocking them to the ground and embarrassing them is inviting a heavy retaliation. It’s rare to even hear about a ‘fair’ fight these days. It’s usually a jump attack or a gang bashing.

It’s a huge moral, physical and often legal dilemma dealing with a violent person, and I have a feeling I will be facing said dilemma someday soon…

My new girlfriend’s ex is scheming to get back with her, and he’s a pretty unstable person. I recently had heated conversation with the ex’s step-brother over a social networking site, because of the way they’d been harassing her (I’ve never met them in person), and he threatened me with violence — that they’d both shut me up. Apparently all three have a long history and I’m just the new guy who has to die.

So, if I come across them, then I will have to fight them both, and probably anyone else with them. Apparently the ex is “huge” and “heaps intimidating” and “no one can beat him”, and my girlfriend said if I do come across them, there’s no way I’d win.

So, isn’t that something to look forward to! :)

Oh well, hope I can get into this program soon, I reckon I’ll need it.