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I been teaching me princess the SDTS system and she is now scary. I tell you now, using what she has learned, 5 dudes will see their asses and NEVER reproduce again. I live in fear. I kinda get bummed cause I know a normal dude won’t even survive if I get to hit 3 in most of the combo’s, Im using this system for multiple assailant combat training, cause I kinda live in a war zone. We expect this is the calm before the storm. … =firefox-a

SDTS kicks ass, I chop real hard now. I loooooove this system, brutal hard and fast, even made up me own chop, the double doom chop. Body conditioning sucks though. keep smacking me self on bony bits.

Being 50 ks don’t matter, you smack a dude in the throat and hes toast.
Edge of hand, jab, knee to balls! hahahahahaaaaa!