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Re: Make a Decision

Damian wrote:
School yard fights and neighborhood roll-arounds are not life and death (they hurt a lot though).

A lot of “experts” in this industry have not been in a fight over the age of 15. Now, don’t get me wrong, fighting doesn’t qualify you as and expert…it just helps you gain some perspective.

I know GREAT street fighters who had instinct and a good right hand. Not much in the way of training, just some brass balls.

When we train- we develop the “stones”.[/quote:2els602h]

This is one my many peeves with todays martial arts scene. Instructors teaching folks how to fight the local water hole bully or the father of two street rager. There is nothing on the line here USUALLY as Damian said its the equavalent of fighting on a school ground. I already know how to handle that. I could handle that no sweat at 8 15 18 and today. Its when ya have a nut job in your house trying to kill your wife or rob ya etc. But I am prolly ready for them as well :D Your common man is not nor is your average blackbelt or Master for that matter.

I still remeber a guy on Dr. Phil. Dr. Phil was trying to help this family after the Family was assaulted in there hom by a crazy guy.

So this guy is sleeping in his bed with his wife.And all of a sudden his sixth sense or what have ya kicks in and he wakes up. At the foot of his bed is some dude with a big ass knife. The guy lunges at his wife with the knife the guy gets in the way and is stabbed. He tries to fight this guy off is stabbed like 20 some odd times in the process. Tells his wife to go out the window and get help at there neimbors. The assailent is getting the upper hand on him so he loses his nerve or is instincts for survival kick in and he goes out the window too. Runs next door as well. Problem is he leaves his two kids with the crazy guy and cant find the courage to go back in the house to protect his kids.

Luckly the nut left the kids alone and left. But as of the airing of the show hes scared from the attack and from his loss of courage and his inabilty to defend his family. So now he has to seek Dr. Phils help to try to put his life back together.

In my mind this type of thing is why one should train self defense and train it HARD! Ya dont want to be that poor bastard.

Side Note. They never caught the guy nor does anyone know why he attacked. far as anyone can tell it was random and in a well to do hood.
Food for thought.