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Train under the following rules:

1. Your attacker is armed (even if you don’t see a weapon)
2. Your attacker has intent on harming you
3. Your attacker is bigger and stronger than you
4. There is more than one assailant (the one you don’t see)
5. Your in the worst environment (snow, ice, your kitchen)
6. You are injured or ill
7. The fight is never over
8. You will miss…a lot.

Apply these rules to every self defense training exercise and method you practice. Also know (you probably already do) that your adrenaline dump and your stress are only going to allow you to perform a set gross motor based techniques. Take the simplest, most powerful and most effective and work with them over and over again, in any possible situation.

The primary techniques you learn in module 1 of the sdts are the same primary ones you use throughout the program.