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An arm grab from the rear should be treated like any other grab from the rear.

The trap you must avoid is being to be over analytical and putting yourself in the mind set that you are expecting an attack from the rear. If your training with a partner you both decide to work on a rear assault and you brace yourself for impact.

IF you do random assault training where you don’t know which attack is coming you’ll get a more realistic reaction, but it still in the confines of the training room so it’s effect is limited.

That being said when you’re grabbed from behind, or even attacked in any manner you have that “OH SHIT” moment, that split second to flip the switch from awareness to battle mode.

Then it’s get your balance, and then counter attack.

Just like you mentioned in your post, there could be a table or a chair, something to mess your day up. And when your getting run face first into a delivery van, the first thing on your mind is the VAN!!!

Moving to the left or right depends on the pressure you feel. If your grabbed and pushed on your right side, you will naturally move to the left and vice versa.

So at the end of the day, train to hit to the rear as hard and a ruthlessly as possible. If you do have a partner, have him push you and grab you so you get the feel of gaining your balance.

Someone who know what they are doing will attack you with concussive force, there will be shock and awe. If you are still aware, you need to get your balance and attack the threat.