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Re: Murphy was an OPTIMIST!!


You know what it is I really like about this and Rules For a Gunfight?

All this stuff can be translated into CQC/hand-to-hand. Easily.

The proper mindset for dealing with aggression is the proper mindset for dealing with f***ing aggression. Period. Human aggression is human aggression. A guy named Kelly McCann says that sometimes the difference between a fistfight, a knifefight, a brawl with baseball bats and a fu**in gunfight is 0! Sometimes all things happen at once.

And personally I don’t think that the right decisions one needs to make to win and survibe a gun battle are THAT MUCH DIFFERENT from the decisions needed to win and survibe in CQC/hand-to-hand.

This is why I’d MUCH rather have had “untrained” Audie Murphy teach me what he’d do in a fight–over some guy who has 18 black-belts.