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Guys like you I can’t stand to see someone being bullied. I was bullied as a young kid until I made a stand and learned how to defend myself. The funny thing with most bullies is the meanest thing about them is their mouth. They are able to pick out those who lack confidence in themselves, and that is who they bully. I recall changing schools my junior high year and my first day in class; you know the day that everyone sizes up the new kid. You have the kids who are jocks and usually popular, then there is the group who are the extremely smart kids. You have the kids who just blend in, and you have the bullies. By the 8th grade I had been training for a while and my instructor had taught me not only how to defend myself but how to read people and situations and I was confident. This is how that first day unfolded.
As soon as the teacher introduced me, I started to pick out those groups because I had confidence and had been trained how to read people. The bullies were the easiest; they were the asshole’s that coughed out loser and their buddy’s laughed which was good for me because I was immediately on guard. The rest of the class waited to form their opinion of me based on the bullies and how I would react to them. The thing about bullies, they don’t have much confidence in their self so they over compensate by bulling if one allows them too. So as my day went on the bully’s start to feel me out with smart ass remarks and the 1000 yard stare. So as I had been taught I showed no emotion that is what Mr. Roberts my instructor at the time called “sweating them” you can break down a bully without saying a word, you start to put the fear of the unknown in them. You start to bully the bully from the inside out.
A bully needs an audients to feel good about what they are doing, which is in your favor no bully wants to be exposed as just a big mouth with no action, and when push comes to shove that is most time the case. It’s very rare that the star quarterback gets bullied it’s always someone who appears weak or different. I don’t recall how long it was before the class bully’s approached me but it didn’t amount to anything other than a few words I think they asked me how I’d like to have my ass kicked, and I told them something like I’d love to, you pricks have the talking done when and where? It ended with one of them saying you better watch your back, and me saying I will and my front too. That day I became a blender one who was able to get along with everyone. And it was all because the training I had, I knew I could defend myself if need be, but I had planted the seed of fear in the bully’s long before they approached me.
Bullies are just like any type criminal they don’t want to been seen for what they really are, they don’t want to be caught, no one wants to be in trouble, and they don’t want to get hurt physically or be proven to be a loud mouth no action candy ass. Everyone needs to know how to defend themselves and most importantly how to avoid being bullied. Bullying has no age limit. If you can arm yourself with what I have talked about you be able to avoid being bullied and most times never strike a blow. I talk to lots of parents who have mixed emotions about their children learning self-defense because they don’t want their children to be exposed to violence. They think the turn the other cheek method is best. My experience with that method is you get hit on both sides of the head. The first thing we teach is how to avoid violence, the second it how to deal with it if need be. Too often self-defense is mistaken for violence, it’s not, being able to defend yourself stops violence. Damian I agree children need to know when to tell and how to defend themselves.