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Dude, I got the whole program, and I read between the lines, I would love to see the “bloopers” for the instruction! Damian and Pete are exercising massive restraint! They both have killa humour! Fuck man, did you not see Petey mouth “fuck!” a couple of times! And the groin conditioning was hilarious! I too will go “Fuck, Fuck, fuck” every hit! My fuckin balls are in agony! Pain is a way to enlightenment! And when Damian demonstrates the groin smack in module one and Pete flinches, I nearly kakked! I too will
flinch! O ya, and Pete, yer beard in module one is sweeeeet!
Damian smiles a shit load! And Vikings know what it means if a mans eye twitches! It means the he is fucking dangerous!! and your chi levels are so high that It overloads yer nervous system! I bet people get scared when Damian works out! When I gym at a public gym, people leave!
HooHaaa! what a program! This will help my self actualization greatly, exercise body and mind, and they become a spiraling wheel heading upwards towards enlightenment! Glory to God! Kick ass and take names!
Fools will be beaten!