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@–Omer.Kishanov– said:

I have a question concerning the bob dummy ,is there an alternative idea as far as the water base? Would like to hear some other approaches ,thanks

The water base I fine. Just do like I did. 100 lbs of sand and the rest water. Oh I have a wave master and not bob it’s works fine for me right now until I can get BoB. Also to the guy who made his dummy for $180. You can find a BOB on Amazon for $185. It’s great tho to make your own equipment. I made a “heavy bag” out of my fathers old military duffle. This thing holds up like a champ, I’ve used it the past 6 years for sand bag workouts with 125 lbs of sand in it. Now it’s STUFFED with old rags and clothes and weighs in at 55 lbs. perfect for working on Mod 3 ground fighting and mod 10 the throws. Guys I highly recomend the SDTS I have had to use it a couple times since I started 4 months ago, this stuff works especially if you train honestly and work it till it’s instinctual and convulsive meaning you can do it in your sleep. I will start another testimonial thread this week as I was involved in another incident last night in New Orleans and one not as far as fighting but life saveing yesterday afternoon. Let’s just say my weekend was filled with ups and downs.