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I bought the entire program in one shot, and I believe it is the
best system ever! I am already soooo mean and I just started!!!
Dude, you got a dummy! I can’t get one here in South Africa, so I’m making
one. But, I’m not even on the dummy drills yet, I practice the strikes and am hardening my hands etc,
Man, buy this course, take it seriously and you will be un-stoppable,
but do it in the correct spirit. It cost me R7000.00 (2x normal S.A persons salary).
I would have paid R14000.00 for it.
It rocks hard. Man, Im a Boer and I tell you now, if I hammer fist some
normal dude, he is dead. go check me hand conditioning here:

Buy it now or be a weener.

For this is a system where you make the style your OWN.
No one can train against a personal conscious choice, that has
no set moves, combos or limits. The limits are determined by
by your creativity and genetic potential.

Gunther Jurgens Kotze!
Half Boer/Half Norwegian swine.