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Re: New Jersey Mall Shooting

Dallas Williams

In response to what you said Archie I will admit I’ve had some low points in my life too and a couple of times even almost to the point of suicidal. However, I never actually attempted or even planned to go through with such horrible thoughts because I thought of my family and friends who value my life and the joy I bring to theirs and how much pain and suffering my death would cause them. I also thought that even things are this bad and difficult for me now there are always others around the world who have it a hell of a lot worse than I do so I need to stop wallowing in the mire and start thinking positively and find a way to climb my way back up from the bottom. I also thought about the potential for things to improve in the future and how much good and positive things in this life I would miss out on by leaving this world prematurely. That being said if I ever had of gotten to the point of committing suicide I sure wouldn’t have made a public spectacle of it and I sure as hell wouldn’t take anybody else out of this world with me.