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Alias wrote:
Okay. So about the BOB. This one here would do? … ts_id=6107

If it’s absolutely necessary, I will get a BOB. However I found this here. … ts_id=6720
A Wavemaster. The reason I considered the wavemaster is because it is cheaper than the BOB. Now is the BOB absolutely necessary? Or would a Wavemaster do just as well?[/quote:38ge3wfr]

BOB is well worth the extra dollars. He is pretty much mandatory for anyone serious about self defense. But If ya dont have the resources ya dont have em. But I would save until I could get it. even if it means delaying havein something to strike. In Short BOB is the stuff. He is so useful. i cant imagine training without him and I dont know how I did it in the past.

Try ebay there is a guy on there that has a vertual store and he sells them regularly for 169.00 plus 30 S@H. I got mine at the local sports equipment store for 199.00 so have a look in your area first ya may just find it at a good price. Go with century as last resort.