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We break them into SDTS basic (the first 5 modules) and SDTS advanced (the last 6 modules).

Since the seminars are designed so that anyone without any experience will get just as much out of it as people with a lot of experience. Non instructors train along side instructors, black belts with white belts. We put a detailed syllabus of the courses on the seminar page. This is going to be updated the first week in January. We just set the 2009 schedule and May is already booked. We will have a 3 day in August (Friday, Sat and Sun) that will be more in depth advanced training.

Also, the local instructors conduct seminars as well. In the near future, as more instructors and their programs are brought up to speed, we will have regional training centers. We have 2 now and possibly a third by the summer of 2009.

This way, you won’t have to travel as far.