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1. We will suport you for SDC related producs and training. Our foreign instrucors are residents of those countries. Provided you pass the criminal screening, we wil support you in your efforts to obtain a visa.

2. Ones that exists in general, from the huge factory to the guy teaching out of his garage.

3. We recommend a BOB from century, a medicine ball, an egg timer, and an optional canvas heavy bag and a “brick”. We give you your list of equipment in module 1. You can purchase these tiems anywhere.

4. Instructor training come at different levels, for the first 3 levels its about 300 hours of training and teaching, For a Regional Instructor it is about 500 hour plus a few other mile stones. You don’t bave to travel to NJ, you can film yourself for video review. For that we must se you doing the requirments AND teaching.

You submit that along with your teaching and training log for certification. If it is done incorrectly or some things are off the mark, we will schedule a time to speak with you.

Yes, you can begin teachin right away under a probationary certification. You have 12 months to get your first certification before your license comes under review. You don not have to seek hoger certification than level one, but most do.

You certification is included in the cost of your license fee.