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1. First it depends on you and your natural ability. That being said if you can do 45 minutes, 2 times a week you will see improvement in the first few weeks. To MASTER…well, I like to avoid the M word, but you an get really good in a couple of months. The Good thing about the SDTS is that the learning curve is accelerated after the foundation is set. As you progress in the modules, you learn faster.

2. All Instructors are territory protected by Zip Code. So It won’t be a problem where you are. If you move, you can transfer your license or set pu mulitple licenses. It’s up to you.

3. We have instructors all over the world.

4. Yes, provided that territory is avialable. With 46,000 zip codes in the US. it is usually not a problem, though we did close down Boise, ID since we have 3 instuctors there and the population is only about 170,000 plus.