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Re: Not needing the gun


Thank you One, as usual..awesome response!! Yes, that IS the ignorance of SO many gun-nuts. NUTS I say here, not people who responibly purchase and own firearms and then take the time and spend the oney, to learn all about the proper use, the when-when-not-tos, and most important..LAW! Both local and national. Gun NUTS are simply the guys ( usually white-male cammo-wearin-psueodo-military sort) who say to situations like the one you just stated something brilliant like “Yeah, well I’ll just shootcha!”.

No ya won’t. Won’t have time. LOL whats funny One? What’s funny is these guys who are all totally into guns compare themselves to warriors of old, like knights and Roman soldiers saying “These boys used weapons. It was about killin, not doin kung-fu or UFC shit.”

What they don’t get is…knights, Romans, Spartans you name em…ALL took A LOT of time to learn how to use their natural body weapons!.