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Re: Not taking the law into your own hands doesn’t mean you sit still either.

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Dallas Williams

The thing is police don’t always and sometimes can’t take the best form of action to protect or rescue people from bad situations. They don’t even have to, their responsibilities simply consist of enforcing laws and conducting investigations and trying to find out exactly what happened and who’s responsible after the crime has already occurred. It’s ultimately our responsibility to look after and defend ourselves and our loved ones, we can’t depend on police, big brother government or anybody else to do it for us. I’m glad this poor woman and her family made it out of this ordeal in one piece and the perp is dead and gone and incapable of harming anyone else in the future and thousands of dollars won’t have to be wasted on this guy a trial and housing and feeding his ass in prison.
And on a side note, I know taking the law into ones own hands is illegal and wrong from a moral standpoint, however I can understand why people do it and that doesn’t mean the perp doesn’t deserve what comes to him. A friend of mine a few months ago just lost his infant daughter to a murder because at the time the baby’s mother had custody of the baby and she and her live in boyfriend had a fight and she was going to break up with him and kick him out of the house. So when he found an opportunity while she left the house and he was alone with the child he beat and threw the baby to her death, and then the slimy scumbag he is took her dead body to the hospital and said she “fell”. Of course the doctor didn’t buy it and called the police and he was arrested. So now he is in jail awaiting trial but they’re saying that the prosecution doesn’t have enough evidence to charge him with premeditation so they’re considering just persuing manslaughter charges since they think that will be the easiest to persuade the jury to get a conviction but that means he could just serve maybe 10 or 15 years in prison tops or even less. But for real if I was my friend I don’t know what I would do in this situation. I would hope my cooler head would prevail and let “justice run it’s course”, but knowing how light of a sentence he would get for taking my daughters life wouldn’t be enough for me. I would be afraid the minute that piece of shit walked out the prison gates I would be using my SDTS skills for evil instead of good. Why not just shoot him some might ask? Well to me that would be too easy and over too soon, it would feel a hell of a lot more satisfying to literally beat that motherfucker to death strangle the life out of him with my own bare hands like he would have done to my child. Sorry for the rant, but this isn’t even my situation or my baby but it still enrages me so much how people can do stuff like this to poor innocent babies and feel like no fate is too harsh for them.