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James – general rules for nutrition.

Simple carbs (Oatmeal, Quinoa, etc) for energy before 3pm or work outs.

Then it’s vegetables and protein. You can supplement with Whey Protein.

Multi Vitamin- and Vitamin D. It’s No secret I’m a big fan of:

Stay away from anything white and processed:

White flour, white sugar.

Avoid foods with high Nitrates like Bacon and Lunch Meat.

Limit fruit – NO BANANAS AFTER 12 noon.

No fruit Juice – just fruit like apples and oranges. But eat the fruit, you need the fiber.

No alcohol (but not forever)

Stick to it for a few weeks.

After take one day a week to eat whatever you want. Preferably on a work out day.

If you drink, try to go to vodka or bourbon. No carbs and limited in calories when compared to beer and especially wine.