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I agree Damian, if one of the three would have been a fighter he would have been in trouble, because the other two were just good enough to cause confusion and distract him. Or if the good fighter would have kept him so busy the other two could have taken him to the ground. He had several opportunities to escape and you could tell he had some type of training that made him stand a fight. The good thing for him he had some really bad opponents; he could have very easily ended up on the ground, on the wrong end of the shoe shine express.
Module 5 would have certainly shown him a better way to handle this type of situation. You know I always tell folk’s fighting is the last resort, a good run is better than a bad stand any day. That’s the great thing about our system it will make you a worthy opponent if need be, but it will also teach how to avoid and escape a situation like this which is always the best option.
You see this type of street brawl all the time some folks are not as lucky as this guy was, especially those who stand and spar. Sparring has no place in a street fight, sparring has rules the street don’t. Most times foolish pride overpowers good judgment like in this case, he could have escaped and didn’t. If he had no choice but to fight he should have been taking ground not stopping and waiting for another attack. When you have them down you either leave or keep them down. By backing away and allowing them to attack he gave them the advantage of momentum and when it’s 3 to 1 that’s something you don’t want to lose.
If one decides to stand a spar in a street fight they are just asking for a bad outcome. Foolish pride has gotten many folks killed or injured for life. In the street there is no referee or trophy’s to take home it’s a whole different fight. If you have to fight to survive, you should fight like a survivor, that’s what our system teaches is to survive not win trophies. I hear people say I am a black belt I could handle a situation like that easy. The problem is people fight like they are trained and most are not trained to survive they are trained fight with rules and regulations and neither rules nor regulations exist in the street. That guy was just lucky this time, hopefully it opens his eyes and didn’t fill him with foolish pride