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Re: Off Duty NYC Cop almost beaten to death – VERY GRAPHIC

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James Goolsby

It is incidents like this that keep me motivated to practice SDTS and GDT every single day. You never know when or where this might happen.

Also, not to throw my fellow officers under the bus, but I have found that we often get complacent when it comes to our preparation. I cannot tell you how many officers I know that the last time they even heard the term “defensive tactics” was at the police academy, not to mention the only time they even draw their weapon from the holster is once a year when they qualify. (For the record, I practice weapon draw and dry-fire at least 10 times every day before I walk out the door. And I tend to throw a sucker punch at ol’ Bob as well.)

We simply cannot afford to continue thinking that a badge on our chest or gun in the holster somehow makes us invincible! Now I don’t know the details of this case, and obviously I pray that the officer is okay, but this is a good learning lesson for us all. Remember, we almost never control the timing of an attack… we are on scumbag’s clock. As Damian states in Mod 1, situational awareness is your MOST important weapon. Pay attention to what is going on around you at all times and, if need be, get the hell out of there. Believe me, if I get embroiled in a non-life threatening situation while off duty with my family, I am going to be the best damn witness I can be and then walk away. Call me a coward if you want, but I’ll be an alive coward; I have no interest in being a hero. On the other hand, if I think for one second you are going to hurt me, my family, or — in this case — someone else, you better watch the F out! I don’t fight fair and I fight to win. I will end you. Period!

The attacker in this video will get what he deserves. And the so-called “witnesses” should be ashamed of themselves and be held accountable as well. As for the rest of us, remember we’re the sheep dogs tasked with protecting the flock. If you come across something like this incident going on… TAKE THAT MOTHERFUCKER OUT!!!! Yell

As always, stay safe.