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Getting older….

I heard this story a several years back and as I approach 47 (almost there) :), this anecdote becomes reality.

An old time mafioso in his 60’s had a beef with a much younger, jacked up muscle head. Words were exchanged and the young man expressed his desire to kick the shit out of the old man.

Upon hearing this the old man calmly and cautiously approached the young buck and said, “Listen, I look at you and to be honest, you scare the shit out of me. And if we were to get into it, I am so terrified that I would have no choice but to try to kill you.”

After processing the information, the young man and his friends decided that the old man wasn’t worth the trouble.

There is an old saying “Tiger’s fight harder when they know it’s near the end”. I think it was a line in “League of Extraordinary Men” (awful movie, good quote).

You know when it’s for all the marbles, NOW you know what needs to be done. Always stack the deck in your favor and make sure you have an edge just in case :wink:” title=”Wink” /> (module 9). It’s always better to HAVE IT and NOT NEED IT than to NEED IT and NOT HAVE IT.

I should also put out an instructional DVD for law enforcement on how one might dispose of a weapon. NEVER toss it in the sewer or a non-tidal body of water in a 4 mile radius…I’m just saying.