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I don’t think OWG (old white guy) was mentally disturbed. When you’re stressed your hormones and adrenaline hits your system as blood moves away from your extremities to your major muscles and organs you lose control of finite motor skills and cognitive thought so speech becomes a problem. Putting a sentence together is impossible.

When you get pulled/ or pull someone out of a situation they won’t be able to speak until they calm down.

With regards to posting on youtube… yes it’s disgusting, but it’s the world we live in. You can only control what you come in contact with. But in this case something like this is used as a learning tool and NOT perverted entertainment. I admit that I actually found it inspirational that a man who was clearly targeted as an easy mark, stood up for himself.

If punks got thumped more often, these situations would happen less often.

I am sure that man (OWG) is glad he has sore knuckles that can be cured with a bag of frozen peas instead of being in critical condition.

This guy did the right thing and if he was with in his “legal right” as soon as that guy followed him to the front of the bus.

My only concern is the punk got off easy. since he’s not severely injured, dead or incarcerated, there’s a good chance that next time he will probably use a weapon since he obviously can’t fight for shit.