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[quote:1qnnowqg]It’s actually the best 10 seconds of REM sleep you can get.[/quote:1qnnowqg]

That was funny. In training it would be counterproductive to keep breaking your arms and legs but, I would agree, competition is a little different.

I think that when you fear something you enable it. Or, at least increase the likely hood of it happening. We all know negative, anxious people who are always experiencing disasters, and positive, determined people who have all the luck.

I believe in luck, but not in the traditional sense of the whimsical winds of fate but, instead, as a function of focused belief and action. I heard Donald Trump say that the harder you work the more luck you have. I think he was quoting someone else who I can’t remember.

I really believe the mindset is the foundational thing. In the NFL, for example, they all take the same brutal punishment. Yet some guys are always getting injured and pulling their big toe or whatever, and then other guys can get absolutely creamed pullin one down over the middle and walk away like nothing happened. Actually, technically, they’re all playing injured, but some of them refuse to be distracted by discomfort.

Another thing I like about the SDTS because it is the rare day when I feel like I am at at a perfect 100 percent functioning level. There’s always discomfort – *always* the potential for distraction and loss of focus. Could even just be emotional. Dealing with drama or whatever.

We’re all playing injured in this life.

As far as self-defense goes, no techniques and tactics in the world will save a guy who isn’t *committed.* Who doesn’t have serious *intent* with no excuses.

I appreciate your feedback, and your SDTS is truly a thing of beauty and simple genius. In fact, the simplicity of it makes it *easier* to focus the mind because one isn’t all confused trying to remember overly-sophisticated techniques. I may seem smart, but that’s because I love simple.

I’ll check out the book on the Spartans. I love reading. Here in Michigan we have the Michigan State Spartans, and I’ve always thought that the coaches there ought to make their players study the Spartans since that is quite a name to brand yourself with. I don’t think Tom Izzo has a problem in this department, although I have no clue if he’s ever mentioned the Spartans to his players.