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A LOT in that post. A few things I pulled are tapping with a submission. In old school judo practice you DID NOT TAP ON A CHOKE. You either escape or pass out. This has happened to me quite a few times in practice. I stopped counting at around ten. doing this teaches you a few things first: what your physical threshold is and second, what it really feels like when you’re about to go to sleep. It’s actually the best 10 seconds of REM sleep you can get. I always fade out to jogging around the lake at my first house.

Joint locks are different since you can cause permanent damage. In competition some guys will sacrifice the joint to stay in the fight. That’s a attitude we try to bring out in hard training. Body conditioning and intense PT are two common methods to develop that. Then there’s the intangible. How can one person sustain multiple stabs, gunshot wounds, strikes and still keep going while another gets a scratch and falls to pieces?

The answer is attitude, the hatred you talk about. We try to pull that out in training. We try to prepare regular people to face a world of shit. This is why we don’t mince words and use terms like “lethal”. Because you have to be prepared to go the distance. Its either you or him and if you’re not going to make it, you bet your ass you’re taking him to hell with you.

Before I forget, I recommend this book about 10 times a month so to some people I sound like a broken record. Check out Steven Pressfield’s GATES of FIRE. Its an historical fiction about the Spartan’s stand at Thermopylae. It not like the 300 which was basically based on a comic.

Great posts, keep them coming.