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OK, let’s break it down to tactics

I’d also be careful, that type of protective thinking already puts you one step behind the attack. We used to practice moving in a way that protected our vital points. The problem was it created a false sense of security and allowed our training partners to get the jump on us.

There is no controlling where the weapon is going, assume you will get cut. In an instant you need to be as aggressive as possible. Samurai (Check out the Hakagure) “when cutting, only think of the cut”.

When fighting, only think of the attack. Any hesitation can result in a bad day. Even in sports, if you hesitate you will lose and you will be injured. It is always better to attack the man.

Hands palm out give you a psychological edge. He thinks you’ve given up, and he has you.

You are also assuming you’re going to stand there. It has been my experience that when approached with someone brandishing a bottle or a black jack you may have the motivation to get out of the way.

Nothing happens in a vacuum. The response is the same for armed and unarmed. When you get to module 8 you’ll see how it is adapted. If you have time and you see he has a weapon, you will learn to use your environment to create openings. This is something you will normally due. BTW, Pepper Spray makes for great weapons defense :D .

People will ask me, why do you of all people carry that, my response is because I know better. It’s better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.

At the end of the day, a weapon is only as useful as the guy holding it. Attack the man, attack tha man, attack the man.