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He who is educated by the Jew learns the Jews are right and everyone else is wrong—Me SLB

When facing the Jew you see a meek pathetic bastard, then you turn around and he becomes the Grim Reaper–Me SLB

We call the boys who fight in wars brave, but in reality they are just ignorant, poor bastards—Me SLB

wherever you find the Jews in great numbers you see nothing but ruins

Those who don’t know about history are doomed to repeat it. This pleases the Jew greatly—Me SLB

The Jews have been blamed for wars, Christian ritual murder, depressions, perversion and the destruction of western civilization and the Jews don’t want you to know this—Me SLB

Tell a karate guy the truth about history and he’ll deny it, but a good swift kick in the nuts and he’ll be ready to discuss it—Me SLB

You want to piss off a Jew just call him a Jew—Me SLB

Three things the Jew likes in the Goyim truth, honesty and trust—Me SLB

You wonder why Jews are evil if you were short, ugly, hooked nose, with kinky hair you’d be pissed too—Me SLB

When a country is devoid of Jews it thrives and wherever you find the Jews in high numbers everything is rotten and stinks—Me SLB

When all you know about is karate all your problems start to look like a pair of low hanging nuts—Me SLB

You try to love everyone, but the Jew has a face only a mother could love—Me SLB

The Jews are innocent and have never done anything wrong and if you don’t believe just ask them—Me SLB

The Jews are the richest humans in the world, but the Jews say it’s a lie and many agree they aren’t human—Me SLB

I’ll have more later