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If you are a casual visitor of this forum,

It seems that in the last couple of days a couple of really disturbed individuals, namely a Mr. Kickenasstakennames and a Mr. Patriot 9878, have seen fit to leave bigoted, anti-semitic posts.

I post occasionally here, and read other entries as well, and I can say that these two clowns do not represent the regular participants in this forum. And I can also say with certainty that these two assholes do not represent the views of the Self Defense Company, and I am not affiliated with them.

Such is the nature of the internet that anyone can log on and type whatever the hell they want, however deranged and delusional.

I can tell you personally, that I couldn’t support Israel and the Jews more if they were my own family members – which, in a way they are, since they gave me my faith, and they gave me the Bible. In fact, I admire the Israelis a lot, and I find them to be an inspiration both historically and presently.

I’ve noticed a notable increase in public expressions of anti-semitism, from Helen Thomas to the foreign policy of the Obama administration, and these two are just another symptom of this incredible mental illness.

It seems to me that hating and targeting the Jews is more than a bit cowardly. They are such a tiny minority, and live in a country of 7.4 million or so people (76.4% of whom are Jewish), in a country slightly smaller than New Jersey. They have threatened to exterminate no one, they do not have visions of conquest and world domination, yet they are confronted with these threats on a daily basis.

I love the Israelis because you talk about the underdog and the small guy – these guys really inspire me! They’ve been repeatedly attacked by invasion forces and are still here kickin ass.

You know, opposing the Israelis ain’t the best path to take because these guys win, and they are destined to Prevail. And my Christian faith makes my support of and defense of Israel a moral duty. If God has made one thing clear it’s the fact that He’s not going to let these guys go down. He saw fit to distribute to the world a liberating book of Truth called the Bible through the Jews, and for that we owe them a debt of gratitude.

So when you hear the filth spewed by anti-semites, understand one thing: these nutjobs aren’t just losers in a figurative sense, but they are losers in a literal sense.

Israel and the Jews ain’t goin anywhere. Better come to grips with that or do us all a favor and go tenderly embrace a bridge abutment at 100 mph.

Now get the hell out of here.