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Good Day To You Sir,

Even though I consider myself a combative survival skill instructor I still am inclined to agree with you on this one(from the reality point of view) at the end of the day whether it is all about recognition, response and personal protection; props to you.

Secondly, got the first module today and I was impressed right away for a very simple reason. Your perpendicular line brings to bear the fact that it is almost certain that when two individuals square of in non-spontaneous situations they literally square off.

So props on that also because that is the first thing we all need to install into ourselves and our students (if we have them).

Next thing was the fact that you point out the futility of blocking and that SD is more about covering and attacking. While I whole heartedly agree I am also a big fan off cover/striking (to use your terminology) or what we call aggressive strike/blocking.

Hopefully, we’ll catch some of that in later module’s but again props.

The next thing was your point on footwork and momentum. Great idea with the boots (as long as I have been using the BOB that one escaped me). The drop step as a momentum/acceleration builder was perfect (easy explaination by you for the unaware) props.

All in all very good job-kind of brought back some memories of all the military training I went through prior to my indoc to lerdrit.

So since I can see that your all business and no fluff consider me all in for the entire course.

I will enjoy it, enjoy the added twist to my training, and am sure I can build and integrate with your SDT course.

Good Job Sir

P.S. You are a credit for continuing Mr. Cestari legacy.