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Re: Release of Family Safe today.


Thanks, you know there are al levels of self defense most people don’t want for reasons other than time or they don’t want to face the harsh realities of whats out there, but they still can be informed and prepared, especially kids (and everyone else for that matter). There are degrees of preparedness. Once everyone knows their limitations.

Like most of us, I started teaching sporting techniques as self defense back in the early TKD days because even though I knew “how to fight” I didn’t understand self defense. I would literally convince men, women and children that in one hour they would be able to “beat anyone up”.

I soon realized there was a fundamental flaw in what I was teaching and how I was training. The question is “If I am teaching the same type of techniques and strategies (sport martial arts with biting, eye gouges and groin strikes) then how is it possible that person who takes the hour seminar prepared, yet the person who takes the regular class is going to take 10 years to get any skill.

I was bullshitting someone.

We know now that martial arts and self defense are two different entities, only shadows of each other.

We know now that self defense starts with tactics and purpose and its not just “illegal” moves.

we know now that once you know the tactical laws of self defense, they can be applied to ANYONE and you don’t have to spend YEARS training to fight the world. As you know already, you don’t “fight” anything.

The Family Safe Program enables us to introduce those laws to a much broader and incredibly needy audience. Hey, let’s face it, most people want to go to work, go home and generally DON’T want any trouble.

They also don’t have the time or desire and choose to hedge there safety and play the odds instead of training. But if they had the right knowledge and even a minimum of preparation they are a HECK of a lot better off than if they didn’t.

The people who are into it will do the SDTS and train. The rest will do 60 Minute Self Defense and the Family Safe Program.

Plus, these Intro programs allow us to reach a much larger audience (MUCH LARGER).

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