Re: Review of Module 1 – The Self Defense Company

Re: Review of Module 1


I can’t say enough good things about the system and have started on Med 2 I am visually impaired after an accident and now on a fixed income and well trying to find work in this area because I can no longer drive is impossible, So I have lots of time to practice and I am with the kids most of the day. Well to show how easy it is they watch with me and they are learning as I go, and they are doing very well at the drills. They are mature enough to understand when and when not to fight, so it is working for them. We are being very careful about hand conditioning since they are still growing and being a retired medic that has also worked OR’s and worked with orthopods I know what they can handle.

Our middle child is deaf and is 7 he came home from school, and I have no idea where he got this from but signed are we working with Uncle Damian today. man I laugh my ass off, but the boy is lovable. So I found something that makes him feel good, which is completely worth it. It is fun trying to find ASL signs for some of this, or make them up.