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Re: Sanctimonious TOM!!!


I love these people who say you can’t learn from a DVD or a book. Granted, there is something for instant feedback and correction, but for the most part the majority of what we learn if from media. News, literature, entertainment all gets streamed right into our unsuspecting noggins.

This type of reaction usually comes from martial arts instructors who feel threatened by other sources of information. I earned my first black belt in a western style tae kwon do school where the instructor was an “I have all the answers”. While there are several reasons for this attitude, it usually ended up with their EGO.

It really wasn’t until I became involved in Judo that I didn’t see any of that, in fact the opposite was true. People were encouraged to go to other dojos to train. This is a far healthier way to look at things.

A lot of people realize that it’s not an “US OR THEM” world. You get your information and your training from where you can get it.