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Re: Sanctimonious TOM!!!



Your so called company is exactly what I thought it was ” smoke and mirrors”.

Response: We deliver exactly what we advertise. How is that “smoke and mirrors”.

Anyone who thinks they can train or more importantly teach someone by using a DVD doesn’t know the first thing about combative training.

Response: I suppose you say the same for fitness training and even distance learning programs from University of Phoenix to Harvard. In other words, people don’t have the capacity to to watch, follow directions and learn. They need you to do it. Weren’t you the guy who was about to purchase the videos? So again, you’re a liar. Why would you purchase videos if fundamentally they were of no use to you?

Damien, you don’t know me, but because I voiced my opinion and it was critical of the way you handle yourself I’m an imbecile. Well, anyone who read your response to my e-mail can clearly see who the imbecile is.

Response: Tom, I think you’re proving that with every line you write.

If you noticed I wasn’t critical of the program because I’ll be the first to admit I don’t know anything about it. Your response to my e-mail was exactly what I expected rantings, ravings, and insults. It certainly looks like I hit a nerve.

Response: You’re right, you don’t know anything about the program but you now use the smoke and mirrors comment and you now say that the program can’t work because its a DVD based system.

I won’t waste my time responding to most of your e-mail, however I am certainly not a liar. However, anyone who thinks they can train someone to be an instructor using DVD’s is propagating, to use one of your words, a sham.

Response: Again Tom you know nothing of how the instructor program works. Ignorance is bliss.

I take both my training and those that I train seriously and consider it a huge responsibility.We both know this can not be accomplished effectively through the use of DVD’s. It’s all about the money isn’t it.

Response: Maybe not your DVD’s Tom. I am going to call bullshit here. Read a testimonial or two. The proof is right in front of you. The problem is that if I’m right (which we know I am) people won’t need to go listen to your pontificating to try to learn what ever it is you teach.

Congratulations, you’re obsolete.

By the way, it will be an honor to be included in your hate mail section.

Thanks for confirming my initial suspicions. Oh, and feel free to attack me personally I have dealt with a lot more than you can dish out.


Response: No Problem Tom