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Re: Sanctimonious TOM!!!


I have heard this comment so many times – “You can’t learn from a DVD.”

Normally it is said by a professional martial arts instructor or one of his senior students. The reason is always the same. If you were learning from a DVD you would not be at their class paying hard earned money for McDojo skills training.

I think going to a class is great but it has to be because you will gain some some advantage by going. If your priority is being able to defend yourself you are better off watching the SDC DVD material and here is the key. You go and train that material! If you don’t train the material then it is true you can’t learn from the DVD.

At this stage in my life I have no interest in attending martial arts classes. I did that in the last 20 years. I got more self defense skills from training module 1 and 2 of the SDC course then most of that 20 years. I prefer to follow the SDC course. At some point in the future I will consider attending some kind of grappling class like Judo but it will be with the mentality of adapting the skills for SDC purposes and to refresh my grappling skills.

Damien, I think you can judge the quality of your material by how insecure it makes some people when they compare it to what they have always put their faith in. Some people don[‘t want to think about how much of their time and investment in the past has been a waste.