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Re: Sanctimonious TOM!!!


Harry you are right on the money. Tom has spent 8 years of his life with small circle jujitsu. Having experience with Aiki Jujitsu myself I can tell you in the world of practical self defense it is pretty much useless.

I know this from the instructor application our friend filled out which prompted his original email.

When you fill out the application for SDC instructor you can opt in to another mail list that is geared towards potential instructors. The first email you receive asks you one simple question. Are you enrolled in the SDTS?

The email then goes on to say “If you’re not enrolled in the SDTS, why in the world would you want to be an instructor?”

The purpose of the email is simple: separate the serious inquires from the tire kickers. Most of the time its instructors of some sort trying to get competitive information or people just curious. What ever the case may be, they are wasting our time and this email does a great job of ferreting them out.

That eing said, our hero Tom is a hypocrite and of course… a liar. His first email states that he was going to buy the system, but then read the hate mail and decided he wasn’t going to.

His next email states that “you can’t earn from a dvd”. I am a little confused. If you can’t learn from a dvd, then why were you going to purchase it in the first place?

The “smoke and mirrors” comment is the best. For a guy who has never seen the SDTS or know the details of the instructor program he sure is quick to come to this conclusion. I suppose it’s easy to ignore you guys plus the hundreds of unsolicited testimonials. Oh well, ignorance is bliss Tom…