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Archie, Having experience in working with Tony Blauer’s SPEAR system, I will point out that he has some valid points. Essentially, you are implementing a trained response to a natural reflex, especially as you encounter an assault from your aggressor. While useful, there is limited application and should not be considered a complete “system” like the SDTS.

But here is the main point, as you go through your modules (i.e. striking) practice you chin jab, edge of hand, hammer fist, etc, and find one or two strikes that you are most comfortable with and train those until you can subconsciously respond to ANY attack using those one or two tools. This is what is called subcousciously competence.

Essentially, this is putting a trained response to a natural reflex. But remember, when you work on your striking do so with “attitude” or as I like to say “hit with hate, hit to hurt”. Remember 90% Intent and 10% Technique.

Thanks for allowing me to comment.