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Darren is one of our Instructors and a (semi-Retired???) USMC LtCol. He NEVER misses an opportunity to learn and train.

Most important of all. Darren “Speaks the Language.”

Most systems of fighting have “something good” in them. I good concept, idea, drill, technique – something. The issue is it’s usually lumped in with so much other crap that you don’t know what to use and what to shit-can.

Darren knows what is useful because of his experience. He can take a book, video or instruction and pick out what will work and what won’t.

It’s simple, train in what works. Train in the SDTS and then go look at other stuff. Once you have the concepts or more to the point, the RULES of engagement ingrained in your being you’ll be able to pick out what’s useful from anything and add it to your tool box.