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First, I’m no liberal an idependant conservative. It’s apparent you don’t know the difference. I COMPLETELY understand that someday I might have to use deadly force. But that does not mean I’ll enjoy it.
I’ll enjoy knowing I’m still alive or those I was protecting are still alive.

You’re exactly right those you mentioned…but they are NOT REALLY safe however…now are they. 1%er posted “people who aren’t Wolves need protecting”. he’s right. Wolves are given no quarter.
1%er understood exactly what I meant. Where do you get off reading some bullshit in to what I posted. You go from teaching self defense to prostitutes to Hitler.

Hitler died by his own hand(what a pussy)
But he came to power how? By doing the same thing you did on your previous post…… accusation after accusation after accusation until people started to believe it. So sorry to disappoint you and not post things about you that are so painfully obvious to others on the forum.

Still at Peace!!